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It was dark.. I had my blindfold on. duh. So I only had to rely on my hearing. I told myself that I can do this! I have nothing to fear! It’s just people acting like they were bad guys. No big deal.

This activity called The Trust Walk was the last activity for the day. It was designed to create your spiritual journey, a journey of a person who is either in Christ or whoever needs to be in Christ. We were going to face a lot of discouragements and encouragements along the way, it’s for us to decide on what to follow, until we find a bible.

Now where was I? oh yeah. I was waiting for my turn to be lead to the starting point. I was anxious, my heart was beating fast because i really wanted to test myself if I could make it myself just like the others did before.

Suddenly someone grabbed my arm and tugged me forward. 

This is it! 

Then he told me to hold onto the rope and use it as my ‘path’. I nodded and moved on. I thought that if would just follow the string it would be easy, besides there were people in front of behind me, I could just follow them. I suddenly came up on another string, but it was going to a totally different direction. I was confused, but then I told myself to keep moving forward.

And I did.

As I continued on, I noticed it was a dead end. No more string left. I suddenly thought that maybe I should let go.

And I did.

Then a voice came beside me and said, “Do go that way, Go back to where you have been” Then that was where I was really confused. Go back? How can I go back? I just went straight, and if I go back, I would go back to the starting point. Go straight ahead and get a dead end! 

Then it hit me, there was another rope! The one I bumped into. I held unto the string and got back. I also met… er…felt other people who were going the other way. i quickly hurried and followed. The next rope was a little bit hard to go through. Seemed like it was placed between the benches. I went anyway,The journey of a Christian is hardI remembered.

I suddenly heard more voices that made me more confused.

“Go back! That’s not the right way!”

“Are you tired? why not give up and rest? Come over here!”

“Go here! It’s easier and quicker! And more convenient!”

 My head began to hurt with decisions that were against each other. What if i was in the wrong path? I don’t want to be lost! I don’t want to be confused anymore! I wanted to rip off this blindfold and see where I am heading to! I-I-I.. I just want to end this now! I want to give up!I continued on. Hoping that I would suddenly stumble on a bible.

But I knew that would never happen..

That was the absolute journey I was now experiencing as a Christian. I had so many people tell me what to do that I can’t even hear myself. I hated it when I can’t make up my mind. I hated it when I feel lost! I hated it when I was alone making my own decisions!

“Lois, you can do it!” I suddenly heard a voice. “You can do it! Don’t give up!

The voice was kind and soothing. It wasn’t telling me where to go when i needed comfort like the others. It was encouraging me. it was giving me strength to never give up. I felt safe if I would listen to it and be with it. I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore. it was…it was.. God. 

Then, I cried.

I had never been so happy in my whole entire life! I cried like crazy that even the one who was encouraging me became worried.

Then I realized something important. I need God.Just when I thought it was over for me He came and saved me. I realized my great need for Him in my life. He was there… and He came to me when I needed him the most and for that I was willing to follow him.

I continued on looking for the bible with determination. I was happy, God was there. He was there!

Who knew, that little encouragement could keep me going? The power of words :>

I made my way, bench over bench, turn after turn, and bump after bump. But I kept going, now way was I going to waste THAT encouragement for nothing!

I finally made it to a rope where I stopped. “I found Christ!”

Someone found the bible! with that I was determined even more! After sometime of going around. I heard the same voice again, telling me to stop and wait. Wait…Why wait, when I could get to the bible faster if i get going? 

So I followed my decision, was that voice even telling me the right thing? or was I just tricked? even after giving me that encouragement, it could be possible that Satan was disguising himself as an angel…

I continued. turning, jumping, walking. I was sweating already and I was getting impatient. Where is it?! I’ve been walking for hours and I haven’t even found the bible yet! 

I suddenly came over a rope that leads to somewhere far. Maybe that was where the bible was! then I encountered someone. There were only two of us there and he told me that it was a dead end. WHAT?! ANOTHER DEAD END?! How many dead ends are there?

I suddenly heard the voice again. It was mad this time, reprimanding me why have I disobeyed his orders, and telling me to find my way back. Then it hit me.I guess it was really God, I mean who would even care to reprimand and get to the right track? Only God cared… the other voices i heard were just cold and plain…

I blushed and hurriedly looked for my way back. I hated walking around but at least my mind was clear that it was God’s voice. I finally heard it again. It was telling me where to go and what to do that time. OKAY! time to be obedient! I followed his orders on which rope to take and waited when he told me to wait. Now this is the voice I would follow and would love to boss me around! 

Then he told me to go over to the other rope and follow it. I did and soon enough, I found what i was looking for..

The Bible!

I screamed at the top of my voice. “I FOUND CHRIST!” THAT was most wonderful feeling I ever had! Even better than when I was baptized. To truly experience God’s guidance to lead me to find Christ was the best feeling i would never forget! 

I promised to follow God no matter how long it would take me to reach eternal life. As long as God’s there, I would always be guided well. 

Soon came the second part, I was 100% obedient. I followed the rope, I did what was told of me: crawl, duck, sit, wait. I did it all with a pure heart.

Then came the trickiest part, I had to let go of the rope. I panicked. Let go? That was my ONLY way to know where I am and where to go. Then someone told me that i won’t be alone because I would have someone there to guide me. 

I smiled. I knew God would NEVER leave me.

I let go of the rope with full trust on God. I waited and heard a voice. “Don’t worry, I’m here. I will lead you to your place I will guide you and be with you until you reach your destination

I smiled and nodded.

As it was giving me directions, another voice suddenly barged in.

Don’t listen to her, go left! go left!

I rolled my eyes to the voice and said with pure confidence, “No.. I’d rather trust, Ate”

Ah! but how can you be sure she’s trusted? Even if she’s your ate, how can you be sure that you will be okay?“ 

I smiled and thought, Because she’s been with me since the beginning and I’m NOT following someone else who just decided to barge in and tell me what to do.

With that, I continued and took a seat just like what she told me. I waited for a long time and talked with the ones sitting and waiting beside me. 

I knew i was in the right place! I know I am!

Then someone tugged me. “Are you sure this is the right place? I mean her voice sounded like she was a temptation” 

I smiled and held on to her hand, “No she’s not, she’s been with me from the start to the end. Only God does that!”

It would be hard to believe for Satan to be there when you needed help. Usually he ditches you and leave you to your doom.

After a while, all of the participants were finally seated and that it was count down to ‘judgement day’.

10…My heart beat fast. This was it.

9…This was the time.

8…All my decisions are finally being judged.

7…Right or wrong. Heaven or Hell.

6…Am I saved? or Am I in the place for bad people?






I opened my blindfold and was told that where I am was… Heaven. 


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